Decriminalize Colorado

 We are the policy initiative of the Rocky Mountain Sex Worker Coalition (RMSWC),  a Colorado based partnership of active Sex Worker groups and activists made up entirely of current/former Sex Workers and led by a majority of BIPOC Sex Workers (Note: This term encompasses a wide spectrum including more legal workers like strippers/dommes/cam performers, more criminalized providers engaging in higher contact services like massage/escorting, to people selling/trading sex in outdoor settings who are most at risk of violence and arrest. For the safety of our members who are engaging in policy advocacy, we will not be publicly disclosing anyone’s current/former or legal working status). These groups include RMSWC Street Outreach, Black Sex Workers of Colorado, the Colorado Entertainer Coalition, the Chrysalis House LCA, and the Colorado based representatives of the nationally operating Sex Worker activist co-op Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective & Fund. Our coalition building efforts have been ongoing for the past two years, but most of our organizers have collectively been doing Sex Work oriented community organizing for at least 15+ years. Our work has been largely focused on community building and resource sharing, but the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased both the needs of our community and the engagement from allies in our networks. This, along with the current protests calling for the abolition of the police and highlighting of violent police practices that also harm Sex Workers, especially Black, Brown, and Trans Sex Workers, is leading us to now call on our allies and elected officials to: 


-Decriminalize the buying and selling of sexual services on both state and city levels, starting with CRS 18-7-201 and Denver’s S38-158

-Fund peer-led studies to document the impact of stigma and criminalization on Colorado Sex Workers

-Develop a task force made up of impacted Sex Workers to explore reallocation of resources towards peer-led Sex Worker projects and additional legislative steps that need to be taken to protect our community


Caring for our community continues to be our top priority. You can support our community building and outreach efforts here. Follow this link if you are a Colorado Sex Worker, Ally, or a National Community Partner who would like to sign on to support our efforts! We have chosen the name Decriminalize Colorado to signal respect for the values and work of longer standing Sex Worker led policy groups around the nation like DecrimNY, Decriminalize Seattle, and DecrimNow in DC.

You can view our expanded explanations of these demands and additional resources here!